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Sex Break in Sweden

Sweden is home to many lovely people and many deranged ideas. The Swedish town of Övertorneå, located near the Finnish border and meaning “Upper Torneå” rather than referring to an eye injury as your host still strongly suspects, includes less than 5000 people, one of whom brought attention to his home with an odd proposal.

Or proposition, perhaps.

Councilman Per-Erik Muskos introduced an idea to the town council for a new perk for all 550 city employees: they would be allowed 1 hour per week to go home and have sex. Naturally it got a lot of attention all over the country, and generated all sorts of commentary – for, against, and straight-up humorous. 

The first thing to occur to your humble host, after easily predicting the various reactions, was that Sweden already has a startlingly large collection of time-not-working benefits, and this is another. Also that the number of people working for the town is about 1/8 of the people actually in the town.

The links above are to Swedish-language newspapers, so for the benefit of all here (one hopes for Swedish readership but does not necessarily have it yet), here is the New York Times article on the subject. I tried mightily to excerpt properly the most entertaining bits of the thing, but it’s too scattered. You’ll need to go read it yourself.

Box Office Observation

As an average, and barring any heavily anticipated blockbusters, the top box office for movies in a given week in the U.S. falls somewhere in the $30M-$40M range. The numbers drop off pretty fast even from #1 to #2. This week had huge receipts, even for a long weekend: the third highest grossing movie topped $30M.

The winning movie, with over $94M, had no big names, no special effects, and no critical acclaim. Quite the opposite, in fact, with everyone from critics to major cultural groups giving it hell. The strangest bedfellows were made in joining together to denounce the very existence of the movie. Even the stars downplayed it a bit, if stories are to be believed. And yet it was packed, breaking all kinds of records.

The movie, of course, was Fifty Shades of Grey, which in the realm of erotic literature is considered no more than mildly transgressive. Far stronger stuff is available, even from the more culturally “acceptable” authors.

And yet it was packed, breaking all kinds of records.

Breaking News: Meat & Meat

Earlier today a lady of previously close acquaintance posted a link indicating that this, March 15, is Steak and BJ Day. I blinked a couple times before going off to verify that yes, this is indeed a thing (a recently devised holiday of cult following, kind of like Talk Like A Pirate Day). I first chuckled at the cleverness of the thing, then laughed aloud that I hadn’t heard of it before and also at its hilarious site, then sighed that aside from mentioning it, there is little odds of its observance in today’s garden.

But now you know.