The Sexuality of the Spiritual Woman

It’s one of those chicken-and-egg arguments, potentially: Are spiritually-inclined women more sexy, or are sexually-minded women more spiritual?

The question of whether there’s a correlation between the two seems to be answered, anyway.

It may sound like something invented by a new-age huckster, but the Spiritual Transcendence Scale is an actual research measure used by social scientists to describe one’s ability to look at life objectively, as though seeing it from a different and larger point of view. It also turns out to be a good indicator regarding certain demographics’ sex lives – in particular, young adults, women, and especially their intersection, young women.

To summarize the various articles on the research (which are nearly copies of each other), a sense of connectedness and emotional bond with all of humanity often goes with seeing spiritual or transcendent aspects in sex. This may seem obvious to those who’ve been out and about, but it’s nice to have science back it up.

Something you may have observed but wondered if it were true is that spirituality – particularly in women – also tends to go along with more frequent and more satisfying sexual experiences, and with more people. It’s even more of an indicator than traits like extroversion, a more commonly held assumption.

The research notes that it does not hold as true for men, and that for many it’s a reversed indicator. This brings back the question of whether the sexuality or the spirituality is the one that inspires the other. I think that the answer is complex, but sums up thusly: They are interrelated in both cause and effect, and as such it quite honestly doesn’t matter. If one wishes to increase both in one’s life, my suggestion is to explore the holistic spiritual side and encourage the self-reinforcing circle when possible.

A transcendent way of thought also leads many to mindful meditation and yoga, which have been clearly shown to improve arousal levels (the physical), desire (the mental), and the quality of orgasms, and can even cure premature ejaculation. All this, on top of their usually-promoted benefits of focus, clarity, flexibility, and fitness. Not bad, I’d say.

Notice that distinct, clinically/medically demonstrated increases in interest and reaction regarding sex are reliable effects of transcendent spirituality. That makes it an honest to goodness aphrodisiac.

Well, well, well.

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