Be Smart: Have Sex

Scientifically speaking, sex can improve your mental capacity. At the risk of putting a spoiler in the lede, the way to get sex to make you smarter is this:

Have more.

Research at the University of Maryland, Konkuk University in Seoul, and Rutgers University in New Jersey has shown that frequent sex leads to increased neurogenesis in the hippocampus and improved cognitive function in middle-aged mice and rats, and also is very effective at combating harmful stress levels.

Translation into normal English:

Sex causes you to generate new brain cells in the area that forms long-term memories. It does so even in minds which most figure have ceased production of new cells. The benefits to clear thinking are definitely noticeable.

It’s also been shown to remove many of the effects of chronic stress, which I doubt we needed a study to prove, but the news here is that it also does so by repairing physical damage caused by that stress.

The “frequent” part  is important not only for continuous improvement and repair, but because it seems the cells must be continuously trained to hold onto the benefits, ideally with a combination of mental training and more sex.

Plus, hey, those long-term memories are much more likely to be things you’ll want to remember!

The French call orgasm “the little death.” I guess what doesn’t kill you makes  you smarter.

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