Skin to Skin

Sleepily snoozing
Your chest to my back,
Right arm tucked around me
Pulling me close.
Your hardness pressing
Against my softness,
My wetness
Is soon to be—
But not yet.

Always first to awaken,
I lie waiting
For you to start stirring.
I slowly breathe you in,
Savoring your presence
And our skin to skin contact.

This simple pleasure
Will never grow old.
I would delight to behold
You at my back each morning—
If it were so.

What a joy it would be if,
Instead of fantasy,
This new moon wish
Became my reality.
And so, as I lie here alone,
I offer it to the Moon Goddess
And wait patiently
For you to appear in my life,
In my bed…
For you to come to (and with) me.


(Hilda Carroll)

Stranger, here you will do well to tarry; here our highest good is pleasure.