Box Office Observation

As an average, and barring any heavily anticipated blockbusters, the top box office for movies in a given week in the U.S. falls somewhere in the $30M-$40M range. The numbers drop off pretty fast even from #1 to #2. The week ending Feb. 16, 2015 had huge receipts, even for a long weekend: the third highest grossing movie topped $30M.

The winning movie, with over $94M, had no big names, no special effects, and no critical acclaim. Quite the opposite, in fact, with everyone from critics to major cultural groups giving it hell. The strangest bedfellows were made in joining together to denounce the very existence of the movie. Even the stars downplayed it a bit, if stories are to be believed. And yet it was packed, breaking all kinds of records.

The movie, of course, was Fifty Shades of Grey, which in the realm of erotic literature is considered no more than mildly transgressive. Far stronger stuff is available, even from the more culturally “acceptable” authors.

And yet it was packed, breaking all kinds of records.

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