Little Chocolate Boxes

Easy, Fun Little Chocolate Boxes

Your humble host has made a variety of fun things for Valentine’s Day, but must admit that this is one of the best results for super-simple construction to date. From the seriously fun Tasty video channel on Buzzfeed. Just watch!

Ok, I lied. Don’t just watch. Make!

Little Square Chocolate Boxes

Their title was a bit too generic. I’ve made a few things, myself, which could be called Chocolate Boxes but which are quite different from each other.


1  c. whipping cream
2 T. powdered sugar
1 T. espresso powder
6 chocolate squares per box
melted dark chocolate (about 1 T. per box)
melted white chocolate, for decoration
1 strawberry per box
2 T. whipped cream per box (opt.)


Whip cream, sugar, and espresso powder until stiff peaks form. Cover and chill well.

Make lidless boxes using 5 chocolate squares per box (naturally), glued together with the melted dark chocolate. Allow to cool and set.

Decorate the remaining (lid) pieces as you wish.

Mostly fill the boxes with the whipped cream mixture. Top with the straight whipped cream (if using), strawberry, and lid.


The whipped cream described will be enough for several boxes. Obviously, this all depends on how big the box sides are.

Sugar and espresso are only one of many options to the creative confectioner. Being sure to use small amounts, you could try:
· vanilla (or vanilla bean)
· cocoa powder and powdered sugar
· cocoa powder, vanilla, and cayenne
· vanilla and orange extract
· whatever your imagination cooks up

You can make the chocolate squares yourself or carefully separate them from a chocolate bar divided into squares. (A hot knife is a quick, sure way.) Use the best chocolate you can, in either case!

The easiest way to apply the chocolate “glue” is with a pastry bag and small decorating tip. The boxes pictured are charmingly messy, but if you want to get fastidious about it, you can easily smooth it down before it sets too much.

Stranger, here you will do well to tarry; here our highest good is pleasure.