Though it’s usually made as a salad (insalata caprese), I like to build little bites out of it. Whether as a platter for a party or a quick snack for myself, it’s an easy and enjoyable burst of flavor.

Now, I do usually make one change from the usual, and that is sprinkling a rich balsamic vinegar over it at the end, something I borrowed from my bruschetta recipe. I also generally either go light on the olive oil or (as in the image here) skip it altogether. Little changes to suit my whim. May they serve yours as well!


A canape version of insalata caprese, and a regular feature at the Villa. The amounts are for only 6 pieces, but it can be multiplied to however many you desire.

Yield: 6 canapes
Prep time: 3 min


6 1/4″-slices of a mozarella log
6 slices of medium-width tomato (such as Roma)
3 large (or 6 small) basil leaves, cut into strips
sea salt
coarse-ground pepper
balsamic vinegar
olive oil


Arrange mozzarella on plate. Top each with a tomato slice.

Distribute basil on top of tomatoes.

Lightly salt & pepper, and sprinkle with vinegar and oil.


Either the oil or vinegar can be skipped if you prefer. Skipping both makes it less messy to eat but more bland as well.

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