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Belated Happy Valentine’s Day!

It was not neglect (exactly) that kept your humble host from making some post on Valentine’s Day, though his distaste for what it has become has been well-documented, but rather a collection of duties and necessities that have not a thing to do with love, romance, or any such pleasantness.

You have my apologies for the terrible timing. I’ll stay more on top of things, from now on.

Or that’s the plan, anyway.

Cleaning House

Things are properly sorted, and a LOT of cleanup was done in the database. Some of it involved nuking a bot infestation, and you know how nuclear weapons can be: It is possible I zapped your username, though I tried my best to prevent that. If I somehow have, please re-enter it, with my apologies, and it’ll stay this time.

On with the show!

A Lovely Vacation

That was very nice! It has been a very long time since your humble host has had anything like a real vacation, and to clear one’s head is a lovely thing. Sometimes one needs a bit  of a recharge, a spark in the head so to speak, to get back to what is important. And so I have!

The first thing I should do, however, is process a few months of posts into proper pages so you can find them more reliably. Once that’s taken care of, and some other housekeeping done, I’ll be right back to our discussions.

When We Last Left You…

I think it’s about time to return to a discussion we’ve had off and on, here in the Garden. We’ve been slowly exploring the underpinnings of desire, and there’s a lot more to cover (or uncover, if you like). The last article on the subject was months ago now. Your humble host is deeply ashamed at the delay, but will make it up to you.

First, however, a refresher might be a good idea. I recommend having a look at the Twin Heresies and our discussion of various kinds of value. The theoretical grounding is very useful, but the definition of various terms and logical assumptions is even more so. There is no intent to repeat those explanations, so knowing what’s going on will be a great help in understanding what comes next.

The Non-Pleasures of Programming

Ay ay ay. Your humble host is no great technologist, and has had continuous trouble trying to get on top of several issues here at the Garden. If you have not been able to comment because of my several attempts at preventing spam, I sincerely apologize. All of the Captcha plugins seem to have the same problem with my format, and I don’t yet know what the source is. So for now, I’ll simply weed through the spam and allow your comments as they come along!

Note that your first comment will not appear until I approve it, which I’ll do as soon as possible. After that, it should be smooth sailing for you.

Back from Vacation

I hadn’t really planned to take a vacation, but an injury and subsequent recovery prompted me to go travel a bit. I’m back, with lots of fun ideas for you! Let’s get going.

First things first, I suppose: Can you comment? If you can, please do (the few of you still viewing this). The Captcha problem should be fixed, and the spam issue seems to be under control, so I just need to be sure you can join in the conversation.

Can you comment?

There’s been some technical issues soaking up my time at the Garden, but even though I’d rather mix a drink than fix gutters, one must do what one must.

Specifically, my visual Capcha plugin seems to be causing trouble for those who wish to comment, and I had no idea! I have no problem, and my tests indicate no issues, but if you’re having a problem, I’m having a problem. You are Giovanni’s beloved guests, after all. So if you have problems of any sort, by all means contact me in some other way (dodging spambots forbids my directly printing the email, though Giovanni may be found in the Sybarite’s Garden and that should be hint enough) and together we’ll be sure it’s no trouble for you again.

In other news, the July posts are filed into their permanent locations, and thus easily tracked by the dropdown menu. Also, the projects that have kept me from writing are mostly out of the way, so I can return to chatting with my lovely visitors. At least that part is going well!

UPDATE: It looks like the problem is specific to MSIE (Microsoft Internet Explorer)

Finally updated!

Sorting out the posts into proper pages of their own is something I should probably do a little more often. Waiting for 3 months makes for rather the overload of stuff to do. But it’s done now, and we can move along with the regularly scheduled lunacy.

I’ve also been messing about with plugins to try to get a better handle on what’s wanted and what’s liked, and also to help get word out on our obscure little garden. You know, make it a little less obscure. I have an uneasy feeling that I’m going to need to talk to some programmer friends about altering things from the inside of the blog engine to make it work. We’ll see.

On with the show!