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Tom and Jerry

Not the cartoon critters, but the original drink. Well, not really the original drink either, since its originator (Jerry Thomas) made it in batches that measured eggs by the dozen, and we’d like to maybe scale it down a bit.

Winter seems to be ebbing quickly at the Villa but hanging on fiercely at the villas of many friends, so it seems the perfect time to make something warming! Let’s do this eggnog variation and enjoy the weather from the correct side of the window.

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There are drinks with rich and lavish histories, which tempt me to become one of those food/drink-historian bloggers I enjoy so much. The Bishop would surely feature prominently in a chapter on mulled drinks, for example, and the interrelated beverages which would populate that chapter are both intriguing and difficult to untangle without jumping from recipe-based blog post to actual book chapter – or at least an extended essay masquerading as a blog post! I shall, as ever, try to restrain myself.

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Hot Buttered Rum

On a properly wintery evening, this is often my drink of choice.  The “buttered” part tends to cause consternation in those who have not had it. Never let kneejerk reactions get the better of you! It has a very long history as a hot drink ingredient, and for good reason. In this case, it provides a wonderful, smooth topping to sip the rum through, and you will eventually find that it is one of the drink’s chiefest virtues.

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