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Talk Like A Pirate Day

Aye, sure’n it be Talk Like A Pirate Day once again! A day fer all manner o’ scallywags t’ let fly their “arr’s” an’ “aye’s” an’ such like. And of course causing the later question, why is all the rum gone?

Last year we had quite the list of drinks you can celebrate with. To that your fearless cap’n would cheerfully add the Dark and Stormy. In fact, odds are strong several new crewmates will be introduced to it this very evening.

If’n you’ll pardon me, the deck needs swabbing before it’s fit t’ receive visitors.

Tip Your Derby to a Derby

It’s one of the least appreciated cocktail ingredients out there, as far as I can tell: Bénédictine. Most of the time you won’t even see it on its own, but sold pre-mixed with brandy as B&B. Now, the idea of B&B is to use brandy to reduce the sweetness of the herbal liqueur, and generally I can understand that. But everything else gets adjustments like that when it gets used, so why not Bénédictine?

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Bracingly Pink

Last week’s highball, the Florodora, was described as being among the most refreshing summer drinks available. The Deep Blue Punch seems to be a popular one as well, judging by the number of people reading it here. One notes that they are both on the sweet side – the latter more so than the former.

This is no slight on them, certainly, since they don’t overdo it. And make no mistake, your host (and Villa bartender) has no trouble enjoying drinks of whatever sweetness. But there is something to be said for the light, clean, and refreshing quality of a beverage which has very little sugar of any kind, or at least more tartness than sweetness.

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