The name sounds a bit like the punch line of some sophomoric joke: phenibut. It is, however, no joke. Pretty well known in nootropic circles (or so I understand), the substance is used like Xanax for anxiety reduction, but is much safer than the latter and available without a prescription in spite of being more effective than the more dangerous prescription drugs. It gets stranger.

Phenibut amplifies the effects of some other chemicals such as alcohol and caffeine: you will become more (respectively) drunk or awake much faster and probably for longer. On its own it can keep anxiety well under control, enhance senses (especially hearing) and cognition, induce euphoria, and, in larger doses, knock down insomnia.

As regards the study of aphrodisia, it must be admitted that it doesn’t increase desire in and of itself. However, it is fairly famous for improving the quality of sex. That euphoria amps up the more aroused one becomes, building to orgasms that are truly astounding.

Like many compounds, the effect is different for different people, both for sensitivity and orgasm. For some men, phenibut makes a slight positive difference. For others, probably the majority, it makes an incredible difference! The effect on women is pretty unanimously great.

From your humble host’s point of view, this is hearsay: I have not actually tried it myself, though I certainly would like to. But the reports are consistent enough (even with differences mentioned above) that they can be considered reliable.

There are 3 things to keep in mind about phenibut: First, be sure you’re getting good quality product, and if it’s cut with fillers like gelatin or rice powder, take that into consideration with your dosing. Second, understand that phenibut is not only nothing like instant in effect, it actually takes about four hours for the effects to fully develop, and in the first of those four you probably won’t feel a thing. So plan ahead. Lastly, even though it is pretty safe, don’t take more than a gram at a time, and only bump it up more than that (some people use 1.5g total) after an hour or 2 if you aren’t getting the effect you want. The stuff lasts for something like 10 hours, so there’s no rush.

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