The shape and feel of a fig is said to invoke images of both male and female genitalia, so it probably depends on your whim or turn of mind. Regardless of which you prefer to see in the fruit, it is easily understood how this plump little package could be proclaimed erotic in effect as well as appearance. Does it have any actual aphrodisiac properties? No more than most good foods. After all, as I’ve said before (and doubtless will again), a healthy body is a sexy body. Function of species and all that.

But people do tend to wax rapturous – figsnearly orgasmic, even – over figs. What, you’ve never had a whole, ripe fig? Forget any notions you may have gotten from canned or Newton’d figs (though my own ability to devour the latter approaches legendary dimensions). The original is a sensuous temptation that could have been the original Forbidden Fruit. Perhaps it was.

I’m not sure which of the coauthors of Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook wrote the introduction to the Fig chapter, but it’s certainly worth quoting part of it here:

“And its feel, oh its feel. A knife slices through the fruit like soft butter. The tiny, edible seeds seem unending, weaving layer upon layer of texture and flavor within the succulent fig. All ridges work inward to a core, painting a relief portrait of the soft world of the inner thighs. When you eat a fig, you are tasting history, Cleopatra, Dionysian orgies, the Roman Saturnalia. And when its juice runs over your tongue, you are drinking pure, unadulterated sensuality.”

So… does it count? Not medically. Psychologically, your mileage may vary. You might want to take it out for a test drive.

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