Red Clover

Red clover (Trifolium pratense) has a long history of medicinal use in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Like many plants often classified as “weeds”, red clover is packed with vitamins and minerals. Red clover flowers may be made into a calming and tonic tea and the leaves have all the benefits any leafy green vegetable has. It also may have benefits regarding cholesterol and arterial strength.

The most direct effect red clover might have on one’s libido is the large amount of phyto-estrogens it contains, in the form of isoflavones. Phytohormones may or may not be used by the body to build hormones, there being evidence on both sides of the debate. It appears that for women, red clover may reduce or prevent estrogen-related issues such as breast soreness, PMS, and endometrial cancer. For men, it is useful against non-cancerous prostate enlargement and may block enzymes that cause prostate cancer.

Though it would seem to contribute impressively to systems related to reproduction, red clover wouldn’t be classed with aphrodisiacs in any useful meaning of the word.

Red Clover

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