This misunderstood root  (Panax ginseng, Panax quinquefolius, Eleutherocuccus senticosus) is one of the main reasons most people believe that real aphrodisiacs don’t exist. Although ginseng is an excellent general tonic, improving stamina, health and well-being throughout the body (its scientific name refers to its function as a panacea), it has no specific effect on any sex organ. Ginseng’s reputation as an aphrodisiac began many centuries ago and hasn’t faltered one whit.


Ginseng is an adaptogenic herb, like its cousin, ginger, which means that it brings a body’s systems into balance. This includes libido. If sex drive is flagging, ginseng may help, but only because loss of libido is indicative of other problems as well. It will also bring down excessve libido. Studies worldwide have demonstrated ginseng’s ability to curb immune system disorders, diabetes and senility, and it shows great potential as an anticarcinogen. Adaptogenic substances also aid a body in producing energy. In some people the effect is dramatic, similar to an adrenaline rush.

It’s not an aphrodisiac, but it is a very good plant to have around.

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