This root herb (Zingiber officinale), a relative of ginseng, has had three millenia of use as an aphrodisiac. Why? It is generally thought of as a tonic to calm bad emotions and sharpen the mind, and its scent is said to be a general stimulant.

In short, I’m not certain. There’s little medical evidence to suggest anything aphrodisiac about it, except that it’s good for you, and a healthy body is a sexy body. It improves circulation, which can help with some issues.


Those who use it in the service of ars amatoria, however, claim that it boosts erotic sensitivity. Madame du Barry swore by its effect, having given it to her many lovers. More recently, I know one individual who swears that its effect on him is quite strong.

Hey, if it works for you, for you it works!

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