Sipping Jasmine

We’ve discussed Campari before here, noting its unique qualities – including the fact that for most people it’s a hard one to get into.

Your humble host has a solution.

A simple joy in life is holding a Campari-based drink and shocking those who scoff at its perhaps frilly pinkness with the actuality of its bitter taste. Useful for taking down false manliness a peg or two, but less useful for converting drinkers to the pleasures of Campari.

What we need is something which includes the amaro but is kind to those unused to it. Thus, the Jasmine.

A little after 1990, author and mixologist Paul Harrington (of Emeryville, California’s Townhouse Bar & Grill) created this curious cocktail. Its flavors include orange and lemon, somehow blending to something a lot like a pink grapefruit. 

Just the thing for a warm day, a nice evening party, or whenever you need to introduce a trepidatious taster to Campari.

· cocktail, chilled
1½ gin
¾ lemon juice
¼ Campari
¼ Cointreau
– lemon twist

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