Rom Coms by the Bard

So many Shakespeare references in one shortish poem!

A Romantic Comedy

I’d like to write a romantic comedy
in four acts like Will Shakespeare did
Tragedy’s not for me, you can see
by the bells and cap I wear
Clad like a court jester I can
dance and caper
with love as my chief motive

I adore outdoor action
the forest of Arden
populated by the likes
of Rosalind and Celia
Phebe and Audrey
daughters and country wenches

I could idealize a heroine
who usually masks herself
as a man, a swain, one
who deceives and is
deceived in turn

I would subject love to great
difficulty before consummation
in the darkest forests of night
‘Amor vincit omnia! ‘

I would not render poetic justice
any oaf of a writer does that
My outcomes would be logical
& necessary –
how the characters act based
on their principles

I would balance characters
good guys over here
villains over there
reconciliation would be easy
in my romantic comedies

All’s well that ends well
would be the keynote
struck in all its glory
by spooning lovers
Never mind love’s labor
lost in a midsummer night’s
dream even though all in all
it may be much ado about
but that’s as I like it!


(Michael Pruchnicki)

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