Love Me

We recently had a quote from relatively new poet Sanober Khan. Influenced by Rumi, Gibran, Cummings, she is clearly a poet your host will love to read.

Here’s an example. Her books should grace the Villa’s shelves shortly, I think.

Love Me

Love me like a plum tree
in full bloom
bursting against a cloudless
crystal-blue sky

love me like tender mist
descending over
an endless
rugged mountain road

love me…with all the abandon
of a sudden wild rain

with all the mysteriousness
of deep midnight
forest echoes

love me like tears
glistening on cheeks

love me
in all my seasons
in all my phases

with all the wholeness
of light in the heart

with all the rights
and all the wrongs

but love me, especially
when life
tears me apart
and i am living in half

love me
with all the fullness
of a moon
a flower…
a breath…
a kiss.


(Sanober Khan)

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