Cleaning House

Things are properly sorted, and a LOT of cleanup was done in the database. Some of it involved nuking a bot infestation, and you know how nuclear weapons can be: It is possible I zapped your username, though I tried my best to prevent that. If I somehow have, please re-enter it, with my apologies, and it’ll stay this time.

On with the show!

A Lovely Vacation

That was very nice! It has been a very long time since your humble host has had anything like a real vacation, and to clear one’s head is a lovely thing. Sometimes one needs a bit  of a recharge, a spark in the head so to speak, to get back to what is important. And so I have!

The first thing I should do, however, is process a few months of posts into proper pages so you can find them more reliably. Once that’s taken care of, and some other housekeeping done, I’ll be right back to our discussions.