Bracingly Pink

Last week’s highball, the Florodora, was described as being among the most refreshing summer drinks available. The Deep Blue Punch seems to be a popular one as well, judging by the number of people reading it here. One notes that they are both on the sweet side – the latter more so than the former.

This is no slight on them, certainly, since they don’t overdo it. And make no mistake, your host (and Villa bartender) has no trouble enjoying drinks of whatever sweetness. But there is something to be said for the light, clean, and refreshing quality of a beverage which has very little sugar of any kind, or at least more tartness than sweetness.

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Some Poetical Advice

…which is also advice on poetry.

When They Come Alive

Try to keep them, poet,
those erotic visions of yours,
however few of them there are that can be stilled.
Put them, half-hidden, in your lines.
Try to hold them, poet,
when they come alive in your mind
at night or in the noonday brightness.


(Constantine P. Cavafy)