What do you believe?

I was unfamiliar with Matthew Rohrer until a few weeks ago when I discovered this. It is hard to describe simple, joyful truths that slip through into one’s consciousness, disguised as a mere few words and humor. So I won’t. However, it is easy to remedy not having enjoyed Rohrer’s verse before, so I will.

I’ll be picking up at least one of his books, shortly. For now, a taste for you.

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To Helen About Her Hair

Your hair is long and wonderful;
It is dark, with golden
Lights in the length of it.

Long, lovely, liquid, glorious
Is your hair, and lustrous,
Scented with summertime.

Beware when you are combing it,
In the nights and mornings,
Shaking its splendor out.

I bid you comb it carefully,
For my soul is caught there,
Wound in the web of it.


(Robinson Jeffers)

Beauty at the 2016 Oscars

A slight confession: Your humble host has very little interest in award shows of almost any kind, unless he personally knows someone involved. This isn’t to say that the surrounding events hold no interest, though! Even if the process of handing out honors is dull, the interviews, parties, and so on offer a very enjoyable spectacle. And the fashions – ah, such a feast of femininity is good for these eyes, and soothing to a romantic soul.

Yes, the good gentlemen do what they can as well, but since they are frankly not allowed much variety, even as they struggle free of the absurd limitations in their own minds and others’, there is very little to see. You may disagree; you are welcome to collect your own preferences, and Giovanni will come and enjoy your fashion review as well!

Apologies for taking so long in assembling all this, by the way. Your host has been on the busy side. There many examples of elegance and beauty on the Oscars red carpet this year, and I have chosen only a few, my personal favorites.

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