The effects of alcohol as an aphrodisiac are… well, the stuff of proverb and legend. (Looking at those lists, it occurs to your humble host that he should perhaps sort them better.) Last week’s cocktail was named coyly; this week’s is pretty overt. However, we are assured by the lovely lady who originally forwarded the recipe that it is both delicious and effective.

I can vouch for the flavor, at least. The rest you’ll need to try for yourself.

If you go looking for this recipe online, you’ll find a ridiculous array of things attached to the name. Stick with this one. I promise.

Panty Dropper
· cocktail, chilled
1 sloe gin
1 Kahlua
1 light cream


Taking off
my clothes
piece by piece,
I turn to you,
unwrap my body,
feel you trace
its contours
with your fingers.

I am accustomed
to covering,
what I now bare,
watch you waken
and wash me
with your eyes.

I feel the cloth
of your skin,
inviting me in,
feel your breath
warm in my ear.

I lean closer
into you, feel
your blood surge
as you hold me
and I echo
the beat pulling
on us as I wrap
my legs around you
and open as morning
glories do
when the sun
warms them.


(C. Wadsworth)

What, exactly, does a maiden pray for?

Once upon a time, in the middle 1800s, a Polish lady with the unlikely name of Thekla Badarzewska-Baranowska wrote a piano piece called La prière d’une vierge. (No, I have no idea why she named it in French, but mixing nationalities is sort of a theme in this history.) The piece became enormously popular, especially once an American writer, along with translating the name to A Maiden’s Prayer, added these lyrics:

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When We Last Left You…

I think it’s about time to return to a discussion we’ve had off and on, here in the Garden. We’ve been slowly exploring the underpinnings of desire, and there’s a lot more to cover (or uncover, if you like). The last article on the subject was months ago now. Your humble host is deeply ashamed at the delay, but will make it up to you.

First, however, a refresher might be a good idea. I recommend having a look at the Twin Heresies and our discussion of various kinds of value. The theoretical grounding is very useful, but the definition of various terms and logical assumptions is even more so. There is no intent to repeat those explanations, so knowing what’s going on will be a great help in understanding what comes next.