Can you comment?

There’s been some technical issues soaking up my time at the Garden, but even though I’d rather mix a drink than fix gutters, one must do what one must.

Specifically, my visual Capcha plugin seems to be causing trouble for those who wish to comment, and I had no idea! I have no problem, and my tests indicate no issues, but if you’re having a problem, I’m having a problem. You are Giovanni’s beloved guests, after all. So if you have problems of any sort, by all means contact me in some other way (dodging spambots forbids my directly printing the email, though Giovanni may be found in the Sybarite’s Garden and that should be hint enough) and together we’ll be sure it’s no trouble for you again.

In other news, the July posts are filed into their permanent locations, and thus easily tracked by the dropdown menu. Also, the projects that have kept me from writing are mostly out of the way, so I can return to chatting with my lovely visitors. At least that part is going well!

UPDATE: It looks like the problem is specific to MSIE (Microsoft Internet Explorer)