The Twin Heresies

This one’s taking me a while to write, and I may rewrite it again before it goes to its final niche on the site, but there have been 2 problems getting it to where I want it. First, I want to do it right, since it’s pretty foundational and therefore important to explain clearly enough to not require further untangling. Second, it feels a lot like explaining why the sky is blue in a society that easily matches the blue in practice but when discussing the sky has agreed to call it pink.

I’d very much like to be done with deconstruction of the silliest and most basic conventional lies, and get on with advancing our understanding of human interaction and where it can go. It feels very much like looking forward to sharing the wonders of nature on a remote hike, but having to explain in detail why hiking boots and locating the trailhead are the only sane way to get there.

So be patient with your humble host, please, as he tries to navigate some heresies that are cause to be outcast from polite, and chronically unhappy, society.

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As we dance

Last week’s D. H. Lawrence poem has reminded me how much I enjoy him, and why! He was a very odd person for his time, and perhaps more easily understood today than by his original audience. Books could be (and have been) written about him, and while we’ll probably discuss some here at a later time, it’s a bit much to try to dive into that subject when I’m trying to get to a poem.

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What’s phenibut? And why should I care?

The name sounds a bit like the punch line of some sophomoric joke: phenibut. It is, however, no joke. Pretty well known in nootropic circles (or so I understand), the substance is used like Xanax for anxiety reduction, but is much safer than the latter and available without a prescription in spite of being more effective than the more dangerous prescription drugs. It gets stranger.

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Finally updated!

Sorting out the posts into proper pages of their own is something I should probably do a little more often. Waiting for 3 months makes for rather the overload of stuff to do. But it’s done now, and we can move along with the regularly scheduled lunacy.

I’ve also been messing about with plugins to try to get a better handle on what’s wanted and what’s liked, and also to help get word out on our obscure little garden. You know, make it a little less obscure. I have an uneasy feeling that I’m going to need to talk to some programmer friends about altering things from the inside of the blog engine to make it work. We’ll see.

On with the show!