Seligiline: Aphrodisiac?

Seligiline is an antidepressant originally used to treat Parkinson’s disease. It also appears to boost libido and fend off aging. Experiments with the usual mice and rats resulted in a life span increase of over 30% and copulation like there was no tomorrow.

A dose of 5 milligrams taken twice a week would seem to yield few side effects, and anecdotal evidence suggests definite aphrodisiac results. You’ll need a prescription, though, and its association with illicit drug use, particularly odd Ecstasy mixes, makes going outside the system a rather risky bet.

Shades of Eros

As I begin doing book reviews more regularly, the question of categories comes up very quickly. For some things it doesn’t matter. A historical cookbook can be listed in both the culinary and historical categories and no one will complain. To the contrary, it makes it easier to find the thing. But no one expects a division between cookbooks and really, really cookbooks, and even if there was such a thing, it’s unlikely people would get huffy by confusing one for the other and getting something slightly different than they planned.

Erotica has those subdivisions and those problems, and very little terminology to differentiate.

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