A Quick Tour

There is so much to do! So much to talk with you about! Perhaps the first topic should be the place itself: because I have only just opened the gate, you as an early villa_externalvisitor are seeing it before its full glory. Most of the categories (“rooms”) are yet empty. Allow me to explain what’s happening by way of a tour:

This, of course, is the blog (what a horrible word! web-log, its forgotten full name, is much better), the “garden” if you will, center of discussion and place for me to bring up topics and news. Once introduced here, most items will be more or less duplicated in a permanent spot according to their designated categories. This should get around the problem I so often have of not being able to track down an article from some time ago even if I know who posted it. I would hate for you to have that trouble here. The other areas are as follows:

Mostly mine, it is true, but poems which especially strike my fancy will be listed here as well – with proper attribution, of course, and agreement from their authors whenever possible.

Food Recipes
There are a lot of food blogs out there. Technically, this is another one. You won’t find the too-clever-by-half style so popular these days, nor dozens of images for every recipe, but you will find really good food that you’ll enjoy making, described by someone (your host, Giovanni) who specializes in combining easy and impressive in one dish. And, yes, enough photos to make certain it makes sense.

Drink Recipes
There are a lot of cocktail blogs out there. Technically, this is another one. As with the food recipes, I focus on the practical. There’s not much point giving you a great recipe or technique for something completely obscure and hard to find. Sure, oddities crop up, but they’ll be kept to a reasonable proportion, not the vast majority. (Imbibe Magazine, I’m looking at you!)

We’ll also discuss methods of making your own liqueurs, which is not only fun and easy but opens up realms of new flavor options.

The articles I have in mind are specific enough – even scientific – that I’m tempted to just call the topic “Sex” and have done with. In fact, this topic will cause the more prudish to head for the gate and not look back! However, along with medical and psychological aspects of relationships, this will also cover ideas you can use to improve your interactions with others, and related ways to make other humans happier.

Yes, there will even be philosophy, in some small ways. Why you do things is often as important as what you do. You can expect the Romance category to be the practical aspect of things, and Philosophy to be the theory of them. You can also expect that I will eventually find better titles for both.

The great overlap of food and love is aphrodisiacs. The topic has a long, broad, strange, hilarious history, and we’re going to have fun with it… and maybe even discover something in there that works.

When the well-read discuss things, it’s inevitable that wit and wisdom from other sources will make itself known. I’ll curate a set of lists for our various topics.

That’s the whole place just now. Odds are I’ll adjust or add to the above, but now you know the plan. You’re welcome to make suggestions, of course!

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