Hot Buttered Rum

On a properly wintery evening, this is often my drink of choice.  The “buttered” part tends to cause consternation in those who have not had it. Never let kneejerk reactions get the better of you! It has a very long history as a hot drink ingredient, and for good reason. In this case, it provides a wonderful, smooth topping to sip the rum through, and you will eventually find that it is one of the drink’s chiefest virtues.

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Sex Diet?

Don’t forget: a “diet” is about regular intake or habits, which means both what you do and what you don’t do. Some intentional diets focus on what to leave out of your life – say, processed sugars – and others on what to have enough of – say, cruciform vegetables. It’s all in what you want out of it.

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She was walking North as I walked South. I saw her for only a few moments. She was, objectively, plain. An unremarkable face, not blessed with much of a figure.

But she had a spring in her step. Her hair flowed in the light breeze and bounced a bit from her cheerful gait. An expression of gentle happiness was amplified by her smiling eyes.

She was beautiful.

Acrostics, An Introduction

An introduction to mine, that is. It’s very doubtful you haven’t come across such things before. As sonnets were to Elizabethans, acrostics are to me: a poetical diversion and an exercise in one.  The variation in name length (I almost always base it on a name) inspires different solutions for meter and rhyme… if I decide to use either.

Presented here for your entertainment are a few acrostics. More will likely follow.

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